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All the little things that make carpet a big deal

For those with absolutely no familiarity with carpet, you might not know what you’re missing. The same is true if it’s been a while since you experienced it. Things have changed for this material, all to the benefit of homeowners everywhere. Softness and beauty and still major components of the floor covering, but you can also benefit from increased durability, noise reduction, and even a longer lifespan.

Overall, you’ll love what this flooring adds to your home, so take the time to check it out.Great diversity in appearance is available in carpet, from tons of solid colors to many various designs and patterns in both color and fiber. But looks aren’t everything. Some very tangible benefits make this material well worth your time. Underfoot softness is perfect for homes with toddlers or elderly, for both comfort and stability, and for keeping noise to a minimum, especially between floors.
Luxury carpet in Phoenix, AZ from TNT Flooring
More than anything, carpet flooring is often valued most for its long lifespan. With proper installation, it can last as long as or longer than some other materials, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your new floors. It also means you won’t have to replace it any time in the future, which could ultimately save you money.

There are many places in your home where the carpet will be an excellent fit. At the same time, there are also many spaces where it won’t. Basements, for example, as well as laundry rooms and bathrooms, should never be carpeted. Your flooring associate will be happy to suggest alternatives if you need flooring for these spaces, so be sure to stop in to ask.

You must utilize a professional installation service for installing your new carpet. This helps to ensure that it will not bunch and shift, or experience any premature balding. It also helps to alleviate the possibility of seam separation. Even more importantly, it can protect your warranty, which often becomes void with a DIY installation.

TNT Flooring serves our surrounding communities of Goodyear, Mesa, and Scottsdale, all from our showroom located in Phoenix, AZ. With an excellent selection of floor coverings, professional services, and friendly associates, we urge you to stop in for a visit. Your flooring project, no matter how large or small, is just as important to us as it is to you, and we can’t wait to help you get started.